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Skin of Colour

What is dermatology for skin of colour?

Dermatology for skin of colour describes dermatology that focuses on darker skin types, such as those of African, Asian and Middle Eastern descent.

Why is dermatology for skin of colour important?

Certain skin conditions can look different in darker skin than they do in lighter skin types. There are also conditions that are more common or unique to those of colour. It is important that your dermatologist is able to understand and treat ALL skin types.

What conditions are more common in skin of colour?

Conditions such as eczema, melasma and other forms of pigmentation are more common in darker skin. Keloids, razor bumps and hair loss conditions such as traction alopecia and central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia (CCCA) are more common in Black people. Dr Sharon Belmo is one of the only dermatologists in the UK to specialise in Black skin and hair. For more information, see CEBD skin of colour resource.

What work is being done to diversify dermatology?

In 2021, Dr Sharon Belmo wrote the first ever dermatology skin of colour syllabus for the UK dermatology training curriculum.  As a result, there is now a national requirement for all UK dermatology trainees to have some experience in ethnic skin and hair. Dr Belmo is very passionate about diversifying dermatology and improving healthcare experiences for those of colour. She regularly gives medical and industry talks on dermatology for skin of colour. Click here to learn more about her work.


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