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Are we really protective styling?

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Braids, twists and weaves have become the go-to protective style for many of us, but are we really protective styling?

Here are 10 tips to look after your hair while in braids, twists or weaves:

  • Prepare your hair before installation. Make sure your hair is conditioned well. If your hair is dry and in bad condition before such styling, it is more likely to break.

  • Not too tight!! No pain should be associated with your hairstyle, no matter how good it looks sis!

  • Avoid very long or thick braids/twists/faux locs. They can be heavy and put far too much strain on the roots.

  • Avoid adding too much hair (extensions) to each section. Go for less hair, larger sections.

  • Why not twist your own hair without heavy extensions? This is lighter and therefore puts less tension on the roots.

  • Avoid keeping your protective style in for months at a time. This can cause additional tension as your hair grows out. Try to keep to 4-6 weeks max.

  • Do not do back-to-back braids/twists/weaves. Take hair breaks after you remove extensions.

  • Moisturise! Do not neglect your hair while in protective styles. Protect it! Daily spritzes are great, also quick and easy.

  • Keep your scalp clean. Do not stop washing your hair while in protective styles. Healthy scalp = healthy hair. Aim to wash every 7-14 days.

  • Stop greasing or oiling your scalp – Yep. I said it. Our scalp produces its own oil, sebum. Adding thick greasy products to our scalp can result in build-up, inflammation and dandruff.

Dr Sharon Belmo, here are 10 tips to look after your hair while in braids, twists or weaves. Afro-textured hair, hair loss, dermatology,

Have a go at incorporating these changes next time you protective style and watch your hair flourish!

Dr Sharon Belmo X
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